Get 3 MONTHS of singing training! 


  • Feeling confident to sing and share your voice! 
  • Having the voice you always wanted!
  • Getting the tools to support you in consistently training your voice!
  • Having lifetime access to the very same practice tracks and techniques that EVERY professional singer has!


  • Feeling confident to sing and share your voice! 
  • Having the voice you always wanted!
  • Getting the tools to support you in consistently training your voice!
  • Having lifetime access to the very same practice tracks and techniques that EVERY professional singer has!

THE VOCAL LIBRARY is here for you!

This is for you if you desire to:

  • Sing better!

  • Sing on pitch!

  • Sing with dynamics effortessly!

  • Have the correct breathe support!
  • Increase your vocal range to sing easily in chest, middle, and head voice!

  • Train your ear so you can match notes easily and sing on key!
  • Learn to harmonize!

  • Have the confidence you desire when you sing!

  • Get the tools and techniques that every professional singer uses!

James Kapicka

I feel super grateful to Larisa Gosla. Like many of you, I have been told that I do not have a good singing voice, and I felt ready to unpack that programming and step into my unique expression and vibration. Larisa's approach and insight were incredibly kind, valuable and supportive. If you have ever considered stepping into finding your voice, I strongly encourage you to reach out to this lovely human. 

* * If you can talk, you can sing * * 

Strengthen your voice so that you feel good AND sound good when you sing!

Join the Vocal Library

Get the support and structure to develop your singing voice and to do it well!


That’s exactly what The Vocal Library does for you!

The Vocal Library is a 3 month singing program that is designed to support you as a technical singer. No matter what level of singer you are starting form, it's designed to get you better at singing by strengthening your voice and tuning your ear.

When you KNOW that you can sing well, and you actually TRUST your voice, then you can move out of your mind and truly sing from your heart and soul.  And that's the whole reason we sing anyway!!

Singing is an INCREDIBLE way to express the depths of our emotions, challenges, triumphs, and stories. It can heal us, it can uplift us, it can empower us, and it can transform us! 

Singing is your birth right. 

However, if you want to REALLY FEEL GOOD about your singing voice, then you've got to "train" it. 

 You see, your voice is a muscle. And just like going to the gym and training your body, your voice needs training too!

The more you train your voice, your breath, and your ear, the more REWARD you are going to REAP!

So when it comes time to sing in front of others (or even just for yourself) you feel SO MUCH MORE CONFIDENT!

Cause you put in the consistent training.

So, if you know that's what you are ready for, then The Vocal Library is for you!

It's fun, it's easy to understand, and you get *lifetime access.* 



When you sign up, you get access to login to your own portal, where you will watch and listen to different instructional singing lessons. 

There will be both audio and visual instruction. 

 You start with the very basics and each week you get access to more singing exercises and breathe techniques as you continue to practice and develop your voice and ear. 

You'll learn proper breathing techniques, proper vowel placement, how to harmonize, how to sing using solfeggio,  how to sing in different keys, and more!

You'll get detailed explanations and examples and then you'll get to put it into practice by singing to professional piano backing tracks!

You get to go at your own pace and will always have the previous weeks lessons to review anytime you want, plus you'll have lifetime access! 

All my clients LOVE The Vocal Library, and I know you will too! 


How does it work?


Check out a sneak peek inside the Vocal Library! 



Ashtani Akshagni 

I have desired to become a singer/songwriter since I was a little girl. After some traumatic feedback from my mother and father as a child, my throat chakra became blocked and I developed a resistance to love my own voice despite its beauty and uniqueness. Last year, I wrote and produced my first conscious music record, and while I received only positive feedback from many, I still found myself in deep discomfort and dissatisfaction with my vocal and musical abilities. As I began writing material for my sophomore record, I realized that this next round of songs deeply call for me to step into my next level of empowerment and authentic expression. After hearing many friends speak praise about her program, I was guided to reach out to Larisa. 

Through Larisa's program and guidance, I have developed a new and exciting relationship to my voice, my creativity, and the medicine that is streaming through my channel. I have expanded my vocal range significantly and have refined my ear to become more skilled in harmonies; something I have always dreamed of, yet never had the formal training to understand and anchor. I feel a new sense of ease and grace around my expression, and I am grateful for these tools, for this work, and for Larisa's support and mastery. Whether you are a long-time musician or just starting out, I feel confident expressing that you will find this course supportive on your journey. That said, we get what we put in, so I invite you to be ready and open to implementing the practices and disciplines available through this program. You will not regret it! And most of all, inJoy! 

Lots of love, light and many blessings on your vocal <resonance> journey! 

Let's break this down...

You might pay a "normal" vocal coach anywhere between $100-$500/ hour for an individual session (depending on who they are!) So instead of spending $1200-$1500 or MORE for 3 months of weekly lessons, you can grab it here for a fraction of that price!

  • 12 Weeks of Pure Vocal Training!
  • Over 28+ Amazing Singing Exercises!
  • Exercises for strong breathe support!
  • Video and audio format!
  • Easy to use! 
  • Lifetime Access!


Usually $555 USD

Now for just $333 USD!   

Desire a payment plan? CLICK HERE! 

Join the Vocal Library

Your Instructor



I'm Larisa Gosla and I have been singing since I was 5!

I always knew that I came to Earth to SING and I've followed that divine calling my entire life, which has taken me to some pretty epic places, performed in front of thousands of audiences members all across the globe, and released 2 solo albums!(Currently working on my 3rd!)

I've performed and travelled on stages all across the globe and I recently released a single that hit radio stations all across Latin America!


I believe that it is everyone's birthright to SING and that we are happier as individuals when we allow ourselves to express this way! 
Singing has the power to heal, to lift, to transform! 


That's why I've created an easy and effortless way for you to have support to get all the tools and practice tracks you need in order to really train your voice!

These are tools that EVERY amazing singer will use, and I still use to this day! 

Enjoy! And feel free to listen to more of my music on Spotify, YouTube, and at 



I recently I took an amazing vocal training course that truly moved my heart and soul. The beautiful time spent with Larisa Gosla was so powerful for me, it filled me with so much joy. I felt like I had finally answered my soul calling to work with my voice in an empowered way. 

All the old stories about "I can't sing" fell away. And I began to find strength and ancient wisdom coming through my voice. 

I felt ecstatic bringing song to my daily life and I felt the rising ability to use my voice in a healing context. In fact, my session work has dramatically shifted by bringing in the vocal resonance. 

This has been the greatest gift I could have given myself. So much so that I would repeat it in a heartbeat. 

I invite anyone who has been wanting to expand the power in your voice, to sing with delight and fun, to share songs in ceremonies...Do this course, you will thank me for it later, I promise. 

Larisa is masterful in her approach, lovingly guiding you through any fears, supporting you with her wisdom to your next level of greatness.

No more excuses!

It’s time you finally gave your voice the attention and love it deserves.

The YOU on the other side is so much better!


I’ll see you inside!