The Vocal Resonance Method ™
& Facilitator’s Training

using The Vocal Resonance Method ™ so that you can charge premium prices and have a lasting and profound impact on your clients!

Begins March 2024!









Why is transformational vocal coaching so powerful and why do we need more premium vocal coaches? Watch this:


Hi, Amazing Soul

Does any of this sound like you?

You love to sing. But perhaps something is holding you back from fully expressing yourself. And you know that you can sing with more confidence. You want to fully own your sacred song or inner musician.

Perhaps you're even teaching vocal coaching now... 

But you’re charging low hourly rates, your schedule is packed, and you’re trading time for money.

It doesn’t leave you much room for your own passionate singing because you’ve got to work to pay the bills, right??

Maybe you’re exhausted and burnt out. You can’t take the vacations you want to and work wherever you want.

You want to finally make that album /sing on that stage/ make your own content, but you just don’t have the extra funds or time cause you're busy serving others.

Or maybe you WISH you were busy serving others!

Regardless, you want more freedom, you want to be your own boss, you want a multi six figure or million dollar business doing what you love but you don’t know how to get there....

Sound familiar?

I’ve been there…

And I’ve got an answer for you. An answer that’s completely and radically changed my life. An answer that’s allowed me to have an OVERFLOW of time, money, creativity, and freedom, all while making an impact in the world. This answer is going to change your life too and it’s right here for you. 

So, If you:


    Love to sing and know that you have the potential to use your skills to help so many more people find their voice and excel in this area (pssst, you DO NOT need to have technical experience to be an amazing facilitator


    Desire to use your expertise and training to build a successful and high-level vocal coaching business that produces consistent 5 figure months (or more!) and makes a positive and lasting impact on your clients.


    Are ready to be empowered in your financial resources and finally be able to fund your own music, music videos, art, creative expression, or personal dreams with no limits

Then read on!! 

The Vocal Resonance Method ™ Facilitator’s Training is HERE FOR YOU to finally step into your power as a creative AND an entrepreneur, while supporting others in reclaiming their sacred voice!

How it all started....


Have you ever sang in front of others and afterward felt so embarrassed because you KNEW you could have done better? I know how that feels..... 

Many times actually! I remember walking off stage after singing in front of a thousand people and knew that I didn't do it justice. I sang all the wrong notes and I couldn't breathe properly cause I was so nervous- it wasn't like I had practiced it at all and I was soooo disappointed. I could have let that stop me. 

But I didn't. 

My LOVE for singing was so much bigger than letting those moments keep me from this love and passion. Singing made me feel SOOOO good and I decided to keep listening to THAT. 

After travelling the world performing with my best friends, studying in hypnotherapy school for a year, learning how to use sound for therapy and healing, and then sitting in plant medicine ceremonies, I knew there was a lot to share around the voice. I had been through my own journey of deeply learning myself through my own voice and songs (our voices are an extensions of us!)  and I wanted to support others and give them the fast track to getting to where I am at today. 

The Vocal Resonance Method was finally born in 2015 from the years of professional experience, training, and gifts I had been given along the way. 

My business quickly filled up with ready and eager clients but then....

I burned out and capped out my income. And I had NO time for my own creativity. 

I had a thriving vocal coaching business but I was still living the "starving artist" archetype and I was SO DONE with that. 

And then... I cracked an abundance code. My programs filled out with exceptionally new numbers, I was only working with clients 4 hours per MONTH and I had an overflow of finances. I was finally living a life of joy, ease, and overflowing resources, all while doing what I love and making an impact in the world. 

But I couldn't have done it without the structure of group offerings, I couldn't have done it without investing in myself 10x, and I couldn't have done it without having an epic program that people loved and got them results.  

And, that’s why I’m training you in my successful and established vocal coaching method, The Vocal Resonance Method ™

The world needs more vocal leaders to show the way. It’s about technical training, but it’s about SO MUCH MORE. The voice is a gateway to your heart and soul and by opening it, you will uncover a whole world available for expression and to be loved, seen, felt, embraced, and FREE. 

And yes, people are paying premium prices for this powerful and transformational work with the voice as the gateway!

Are you ready to receive it?

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What is The Vocal Resonance Method ™?

The Vocal Resonance Method ™ is a unique, holistic vocal approach to opening and activating your voice from a place of true connection and empowerment. Blending ancient wisdom and modern science, you will be guided through a series of soul-led exercises and activities that allow you to open your unique channel, connect to the power of your voice, uncover any blocks in your way of total confidence and empowerment, and re-claim your birthright as a singer. This is the LAST vocal embodiment course you will ever need. Because your voice is one of the main ways that you communicate, this will translate into every other area of your life.

Key things you will learn:

⭐️ How to train your voice and ear as a singer so you can FEEL AND SOUND AMAZING.

⭐️ How to release disempowering stories, belief systems, or fear around your voice. 

⭐️ How to use your voice for sound healing on yourself and others. 

⭐️ How to write your own soul songs.

⭐️ How to stay in your heart and soul when you sing no matter what's happening around you (create an unbreakable bond!)

⭐️ How to open your singing channel and TRUST your voice!

⭐️ How to channel your BIG emotions into your voice without breaking down in tears or overwhelm.

⭐️ How to utilize singing as a way to manifest your desired reality. 

⭐️ How to connect to expanded states of consciousness with your voice.

⭐️ And so much more! (See below)

Investing in her gift of voice has been beyond anything I could have expected. I never knew how connected my voice was to the level of power and visibility I have in this world, and cracking open the layers of fear build up around my singing changed things for me on quantum levels.

Shortly after starting my work with Larisa, I started feeling all the power centers of my body coming online in a more grounded, beautiful, and consistent way. It was like using the vocal toning exercises she taught me were cleaning me from the inside outward, in a way I hadn’t done before.

I’ve experienced longer levels of pure high energy and now have the gift of tools to actually activate this state when I feel like I’m in a funk. I stopped being so afraid of people hearing me, of taking up too much space, of being too much and instead started permitting myself to be ON at full volume.

Larisa is a gem. She’s truly magical. This 1:1 (and group) experience is way beyond just vocal coaching... it’s something I still don’t quite have the depth of words for, but I’m in deep awe and gratitude for this gift.

Highly recommend playing with her if you’re looking for a surprisingly powerful, playful, fun experience of expanding your being.

PLUS investing in yourself goes back to her MAJOR GIFT for the masses, of incredible music that makes you feel things in your core.

- Freyja Kallan



    No longer being scared to sing or be heard in front of others, instead singing in freedom and confidence!


    No longer needing validation from someone else when you sing, instead singing cause you simply want to!


    Sing and share on stage or in healing, ceremonial, or intentional spaces!


    Using singing to manifest your absolute desired reality.


    Singing with others and feeling the power of unity when voices come together!


    Finally giving your inner singer and inner musician to express themselves!


    Releasing all the subconscious, ancestral and lineage blocks that have kept your voice small.


    Using singing to channel spirit and a higher consciousness.

Singing is like breathing.
Singing is like walking.
Singing is like making love.

You were born to sing!

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You will receive: Facilitator's Training

 Certification in The Vocal Resonance Method ™ so that you can create a high-end vocal coaching business that changes your life and all those that you work with!

 Facilitation Practice and Workshopping with The Vocal Resonance Method ™ 

 Attracthigh-level clients that are ready, willing, and able to pay premium prices to learn and be mentored by you!

 Powerfully hold space for your clients transformation.

 Use The Vocal Resonance Method ™  with your personal clientele, or retreats!!

 How to structure your own model and infuse your unique gifts with The Vocal Resonance Method ™

 Social Media Marketing Strategies (the very same ones that got me to my first 250k-320k year!)

 and more!

If you haven’t opened your voice yet and allowed your own song to come through you, you are denying one of the most potent and powerful ways to experience being human in a physical body. 

You work on your relationships, you work on your orgasmic abundance, you work on your business, you work on your health…. Why wouldn’t you work on your voice? 

It’s all connected!

Hear from previous students singing the praises of The Vocal Resonance Method! ™

Begins March 2024!









Meet Our Guest Facilitators

B. Louis

B. Louis is a singer/songwriter and sound healer whose mission is to share and channel his voice to the world. Healing music became his mission when he realized the healing effects people were having just in one session, with a combination of his own exploration with sacred plant medicines. He believes that by combining intentional music with meditation and self-reflection, we can begin the healing process with our own willingness to simply go within. B. uses several instruments while singing/channeling his voice to create a safe container to go on an inward journey.

Daniela Gil

Daniela is a spiritual teacher who is renown for her gifts as a psychic intuitive and activator of people’s spiritual gifts. She’s the “the psychic’s psychic” and “the healer’s healer” - working with and training many spiritual teachers, coaches, wellness practitioners and esteemed figures in the fields of spirituality and self-development. 


Daniela is the host and creator of “Akashic Metamorphosis”, an online Akashic Records Practitioner Training & Intuitive Development School.

Peter Will Benjamin

Peter Will Benjamin, is a cofounder and senior trainer at The Avalon Coaching Institute, and the founder of The Connection Institute. Peter is a seasoned and transformation expert specializing in partswork, shadow work, and somatic belief transformation. With a wealth of experience and a passion for personal development, Peter is dedicated to empowering professionals to facilitate profound and lasting change in their clients.

Peter brings a unique blend of skills and knowledge to the world of coaching. Through partswork, expressive techniques, and somatic work to guide clients and fellow professionals to unlock their authentic selves and transform limiting beliefs into powerful catalysts for change.

Peter’s private practice also focuses on communication public speaking training. Drawing upon years of experience, he blends somatic wisdom with expressive techniques to empower professionals to command the stage with confidence.

Tru Osborne

Tyrell Osborne, professionally known as, Tru Osborne, is a master creative passionate about building safe spaces for creatives to grow. He is an accomplished vocalist, curator, educator, coach, and community leader with a mission to activate creativity in every life and organization he encounters.

Professionally, Tru has been seen performing with national and international legends such as WizKid @ MSG, LL Cool J for the Homecoming Concert in Central Park, Cory Henry and The Live in Love Foundation at historic venues like SOB's and NUBLU, and with his own band System Overload at Rockwood Music Hall. Tru is a well-respected musician and creativity coach working with artists from multiple industries, diverse backgrounds, and a long list of proficiencies. His impact as a creative voice has even reached abroad to places like India and The Caribbean through partnerships with global broadcasts, public speaking opportunities, and live performances.

He will be facilitating a module on your creative identity and allowing your spirit song to flow.

The VR Program Module Breakdown

Module 1

  Somatic Sounding  


    Understand WHY this practice is SO powerful and how it supports you in being a better singer, musician, and all around human. Learn how you can use it in your daily life to transmute dense energies and uplift yourself!


Module 2


    Language of Light 


  • Ahhhh, the language of the soul!
    Learn how to awaken and activate your own language of light through exercises that support you in moving out of the mind, connecting you to your own creator conciousness, and releasing any judgement so you can sing free! This module is sure to be activating, cosmic, deep, and fun on SO MANY LEVELS. 

Module 3


    Opening Your Channel


  • You are your own best channel! Learn how to move any blocks that keep you from your creativity, open the doors to your ability to be free-flowing in the power of your presence.

Module 4


    Rhythm and Entrainment & The Power of Affirmational Chanting


  • Utilize the power of rhythm to enter into trance states and access higher states of consciousness. Learn how this can be a tool for daily connection to your spirit and empowered embodiment. (And so much fun!) Use this with yourself or in group!

Module 5

    Re-writing your vocal story

Time to say goodbye to any self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs, or blocks around your voice! Integrate the belief system that leaves you feeling empowered, confident, and in love with your voice and unique expression so that anytime you sing for yourself or in front of others you're totally connected, confident, and relaxed. 

Module 6


    Sound Healing with the Voice



  • Learn how to use your own voice for sound healing in your body or on your clients for their transformation. 
  • Understand how sound healing ACTUALLY WORKS (hint: this is science here!) and see real photos that depict sound with the voice healing cancer cells and disease.

Module 7


    Prayerformance Space Setting & Invocations

  • Learn how to hold an audience from beginning to end with these tangible practices and energetic management. Open and close the container in a strong, clear, and connected way. 

Module 8 

  Activating the Quantum Field with your Voice & Vocal Manifestation  That's right. Singing is one of the most powerful ways you can enter the quantum field, connect to your multi-dimensionality, and utilize it as a way to sing into your existence that which you desire. 

Learn masculine/feminine techniques to sing it into being.

Module 9


    Connecting the Voice with the Chakras



  • The chakras hold so much information for us. Learn how to use your voice to work with your chakra system. To clean, clear, rejuvenate, and sing from different energy centers involving different energetic embodiments. Learn how to fuse them all together and sing from FULL embodiment.

Module 10 

  Songwriting 101

No one has your story. No one has your voice! Learn how to express your unique story, emotions, and experiences into a song. Whether you play an instrument or not, this is one of the most powerful, healing, cathartic, and fun ways to express!


Module 11


    Vocal Blessings



  • Your powerful prayers and blessings to yourself, your family, this earth, each other, and whatever else your soaring spirit wants to sing blessings to. Now that you've done the work on opening your channel, re-writing your story, and singing from a spirit-led space, this is where you get to put your good will into practice by offering your gifts in full service to others. It's likely tears will be abound from the overwhelming beauty in this module!

Module 12


    Closing Call 

  • This module contains a Surprise :)

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Who this is for:

 You’re ready to have a shift in how YOU relate to your voice, singing, and creativity in the world.

 You want to certify in TVRM to use with your clients.

 You’re ready to have a successful vocal coaching business that’s fun, deep, and meaningful. (Or infuse vocal activation in your current offerings.)

 You’re ready to be the empowered entrepreneur AND empowered artist.

 You’re ready to live a life of overflowing abundance, pleasure, and creativity.

 You could do this yourself, or you could fast track your success with this training.

 You’re ready to stop playing small in your business and/or creativity.

Who this is not for:

 You don’t desire to have confidence in your singing expression.

 You’re not ready to take full responsibility for your life, finances, art, or impact in the world.

 You’re not willing to invest in yourself or your expansion.

 You make excuses and aren’t able to see the bigger picture.

What’s included?

4 Month Program with In-Person Retreat

💛 The Vocal Resonance Method & Facilitator's Training

 Live calls 

 13 Live MODULE CALLS on Thursday's

10 Live FACILITATOR CALLS on Monday's

4 Live Special Guest Calls 


✓ The Vocal Library

3 months of weekly (go at your own pace) technical singing training with lifetime access!


  The Success Modules

       - Becoming a premium vocal coach and how to attract high-caliber soulmate clients!

-How to create and build a group program that's perfect for your unique essence and soulmate clients! Mapping out your unique biz structure so that you can reach your goals with ease and create a life of joy!

-How to be an empowered CEO for YOUR biz!

-How to hold space for a clients transformation with the voice!

     -Sales Success Modules: how to confidently and powerfully sell your offer in a way that is fun and easy for soulmate clients to say YES!

- Social Media Marketing and Strategies

(the same method that got me to $320k + /year!)


       And more!


✓ Special Guest Musicians and Instructors

🎵B. Louis
 🎵 Daniela Gil 
🎵Peter Benjamin 
🎵 Tru Osbourne


 Four Recorded Hypnosis Sessions on Voice

1.I trust my voice 

2. My voice is relaxed and effortless

3. Embodying my highest singing self

4. I believe in myself, my ability, and my music!


  Recorded Guided Hypnosis for Business


Being a premium vocal coach,

attracting high-level clients,

and having consistent 5 figure + more months!

(10k, 25k, 50k, 100k)


  In-Person Week Retreat

(Optional) Come together in person for a week at a luxury AirBnb with Larisa and facilitators to integrate, sing, play, and receive continued support with your offerings! This in person time is deeply rewarding and SO MUCH FUN.


Hear what Joya says about joining!


Imagine your life after getting Certified!

  •  You easily and effortlessly have a multi 6 figure business and more! Say goodbye to worrying about how to pay your next bill and welcome in the energy of CONSTANT OVERFLOW.
  •  You finally have the confidence to know how to facilitate transformational vocal coaching with The Vocal Resonance Method ™, attract high-end clients, and charge premium prices.
  •  You have an overflow of TIME AND MONEY all while making a huge impact!


  •  You’re no longer living the “starving artist archetype” because you get to use your overflow of finances and fund your own creative projects, continuing to BE the EPIC ARTIST that you are and make an impact in the world with YOUR QUALITY ART!


  •  You get to be the CAPTAIN OF YOUR LIFE. No more working for someone else trading time for money. You get to choose your hours and create the life you love.


  •  You get to LIVE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and have lots of epic vacations all while continuing to make an impact with your services.


  •  Your life is filled with amazing clients who love you and you love back. You attract empowered people ready for change and to receive your gifts.
  •  You no longer need to “settle for less” in any area of your life, and ESPECIALLY your business and creativity.


Graduate Client Spotlight,

Joya Sosnowski

How Joya tripled her prices and creates more impact for her clients! Watch the full interview here. 


Program Dates:


March 14th- June 6th 2024

Retreat Dates TBD

Hear from more students singing the praises of The Vocal Resonance Method! ™


Begins March 2024!









 A premium business means a premium investment, which equals big rewards, nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING TO GAIN.

Investment Menu

Program + Facilitator's Training


*The Vocal Resonance 12 Module Program 

*The Vocal Library- 3 Months of Technical Singing Training 

*4 Guest Presenters

*4 Hypnosis tracks to support your singing, voice, and dreams. 

Student Only: $3,777


All the above, plus: 

*The Vocal Resonance Method ™ Facilitator's Training 

*The Success Modules

*1 Hypnosis track on having a consistent 5 figure months and multi-six figure business.

*1 Hypnosis track on having consistent 6 figure months and a million dollar business. 

*Exclusive Facilitator Community Portal

*Optional In-Person Retreat

Valued at $44,000


With in-person retreat: $7,777

Without in-person retreat: $5,999



(Split plans and funding also available)

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VIP Bundle


Everything above

+ 3 VIP Sessions with me

Value: $60,000

 With In-person retreat: $9,999

Without In-person retreat: $8,222  

(Split plans and funding also available)

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Graduate Client Spotlight,

Giulia Casella

How to trust your heart when making an investment in yourself, even when fears or stories come up.

 This is the year your life changes.


This is the year you make a lasting transformational difference in all of your clients lives.

Become a certified high-level vocal coach with The Vocal Resonance Method ™ by joining today.


Make sure this is the right program for you and read these FAQ's:


More Testimonials


I recently I took an amazing vocal training course that truly moved my heart and soul. The beautiful time spent with Larisa Gosla was so powerful for me, it filled me with so much joy. I felt like I had finally answered my soul calling to work with my voice in an empowered way.

All the old stories about "I can't sing" fell away. And I began to find strength and ancient wisdom coming through my voice.

I felt ecstatic bringing song to my daily life and I felt the rising ability to use my voice in a healing context. In fact, my session work has dramatically shifted by bringing in the vocal resonance.

This has been the greatest gift I could have given myself. So much so that I would repeat it in a heartbeat.

I invite anyone who has been wanting to expand the power in your voice, to sing with delight and fun, to share songs in ceremonies...Do this course, you will thank me for it later, I promise.

Larisa is masterful in her approach, lovingly guiding you through any fears, supporting you with her wisdom to your next level of greatness.

Graduate Client Spotlight,

Ashley Maina

How Ashley's marriage, family, and creative expression completely transformed since learning how to sing and play music!