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Finally feeling confident, connected, and completely in your absolute joy when drumming and singing with your medicine drum!

You are DONE feeling blocked or limited in your musical expression! Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Perhaps you heard someone else singing from their heart and soul and you desire to do the same too! 
  • Maybe you haven’t had the support or training, and don’t know how (or where) to start? 
  • Or perhaps you are living in limiting beliefs about your voice and your creative musical expression?

 Well, Your answer is here!


Drum and Song Academy is here for you!


It's time you made the decision to SAY YES to your voice,

your song,

your creative expression,

your ability to connect to yourself,

and connect to a higher consciousness through the power of drumming and singing!


....Are you ready to fill your world with music? 



My name is Larisa Gosla

and I am an international recording and touring musician with years of expertise singing, songwriting, performing, and offering vocal and music programs for people just like YOU to finally step deeper into their musical and creative path. I believe that singing is our birthright and that we are more happy as human beings when we let ourselves express through the power of music. My journey has taken me from performing for thousands of people all around the world, to studying hypnotherapy and sound healing, and to humbly sitting and sharing music in plant medicine ceremonies. My combination of experience, skill, and expertise is here to take you to your next creative levels!

As you may already know, singing and drumming has been around since we were a very indigenous species! We have used it to pray, to unite, to connect to a power greater than us, to harmonize, to grieve, to celebrate, and so much more! And your voice, your song, your chanting, is unique to you! 

We Sing to Heal.

We Sing to Pray.

We Sing to Celebrate!


8 Week Course


We will be learning:


Basic Rhythms to Intermediate/Advanced Techniques

  • 4 beat rhythms
  • 5 beat rhythms with worksheets
  • Ancient Egyptian Rhythms
  • Greek 7 beat rhythms


3 Medicine Music Covers

  • Mother, I Feel You (original by Windsong Martin)
  • Strong Winds 
  • Grandmother's Song (original by Sandy Vaughn) 

How to sing and play at the same time!

  • Get confident to teach your brain and body how to hold strong in singing and playing by learning The Ma Chant!

Singing Improvisationally

  • Practice "Call and Repeat" techniques with me
  • Learn how to facilitate singing with others 
  • Gain confidence in singing with your unique channel

Affirmational Chanting

  • Learn what Affirmational Chanting is and how it can support you in creating the reality and embodiment you desire!
  • Learn how to manifest by entering into trance states!

How to write your own song!

  • Learn how to compose your own song so that you can be empowered to sing your own unique expression! 


Learn how to sing and play our original Drum and Song Academy Anthem Song "GIVE IT TO THE RHYTHM"

This program's entry level membership is valued over $2,222.


For those who joined the live workshop, I am offering a special sign up rate for $888!


*Payment Plans also Included*


Here are your options!

Drum and Song Academy

$888 USD

What's included

  • 7 (Weekly) Recorded Modules to learn and integrate in your own time that works perfectly with your schedule! 

  • Lifetime access to the Recorded Modules

  • Live Welcome Call

  • 4 Live Q and A Sessions with Bonus Material

  • Private Drum and Song Academy Community 

  • *Optional* Accountability Partner Small Pods.

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Join NOW

Drum and Song Academy with Vocal Library Bundle (save $222!)

$1,222 USD

What's included

Strengthen your voice so that you feel good AND sound good when you sing

  • Everything that's included in the Drum and Song academy PLUS
  • 12 Weeks of Pure Vocal Training!
  • Over 28+ Amazing Singing Exercises!
  • Exercises for strong breathe support!
  • Easy to use format! 
  • Lifetime Access!

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Drum and Song Academy + Vocal Resonance Bundle

(save $111!)




  • Everything in Drum and Song Academy 
  • Vocal Library- 3 Months of Technical Singing Training 
  • Plus FOUR additional 75-90min Group Sessions on Vocal Activation 
    • Somatic Sounding 

    • Language of Light Activation 

    • Opening (And Trusting!) Your Vocal Channel

    • Re-writing your Vocal Story (Releasing negative belief systems) 

    • Energetics of Singing from Overflow  

    • Singing with the Chakras

    • Singing your Uninhibited Soul  


Split Installment VIP Here 



(save $111!)




  • Everything in Drum and Song Academy
  • Vocal Library- 3 Months of Technical Singing Training
  • Vocal Resonance Group Calls 
  • 2 VIP 1-1 Sessions 



Split Installment for VIP Bundle Here 


What happens after I sign up? 

Once you join, you’ll be sent a confirmation and a welcome email with all the details to get you setup and plugged into our private community!

 I’m so excited for you to join me, this program, and this amazing community!!

What are previous students saying?


Sara Jane Shinyflower

"Studying drum & song with Larisa has been liberating and exhilarating. It feels like a reclamation of something very ancient, on a Soul level for me. It has helped me to open more to my intuitive abilities and gain more confidence in my voice. Larisa is an absolute badass priestess, who knows how to hold safe & supportive space for individuals and groups. When you study with her, it's about so much more than the technique or the how-to. It's about coming more into alignment with your Soulful Self and the medicine that wants to come through you and your voice.

xo SJ"

Brielle Davis

"I committed to Larisa’s Vocal Resonance Program and it was one of the best gifts I could have given myself. I sang a lot as a child, due to traumas I’m sure so many of you can relate to, I stopped. I muted myself for over 15 years to hide my gifts, to keep them safe. When I was ready to come back to my voice Larisa came into my world & together we decided that her program would be amazing for me! Larisa’s energy is so safe, nurturing and authentic! I feel like I can share all of my most sacred gifts with her and they will not only be fully received, but kept safe and truly honored. I feel so seen by this magnificent woman and because of that I was able to open up and surrender to this process of coming back to myself. I am now writing music, drumming and really using my voice as a modality of healing for myself.  It was an absolute joy to sing with her and with my group. I’m honestly sad it is over! When signing up, part of me questioned whether or not I would feel the connection I was desiring because the group modules were online. Those fears melted away. I don’t think there was one call where I didn't leave feeling inspired, emotionally moved or in utter excitement over all the work my group and I were moving through. I mean we moved through some deep stuff together! Larisa has supported my blossoming so gracefully. I sing my prayers every morning now, I write music and I let my emotions flow through me in the form of song...heart song. I am so deeply grateful for these beautiful months we have spent together. Thank you Larisa!"

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Get ready to feel happy, connected, empowered, and confident to sing and drum! :) 


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