The Vocal Resonance Method 

Program and Facilitator's Training 


 with The Vocal Resonance Method 


14 Week Program

with in-person Sound Healing Certification Retreat 

Starts 5.12.2022


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Only 14 spaces available. 


Do you want to open up your voice and soul song?

Do you love to sing and want to support others in reclaiming their voice?


Are you a singer desiring to use your years of expertise and training to build a successful and premium vocal coaching business? 


Do you desire to have a successful vocal coaching business?


Are you ready to be empowered in your financial resources and be able to fund your own creativity with no limits? 

Millions of people all over the world are waking up to the fact that THEY CAN SING TOO. 


The world needs you! 

My name is Larisa Gosla

and I am an international recording and touring musician with years of expertise singing, songwriting, performing, and offering vocal and music programs since 2016 for people just like YOU to finally step deeper into their musical and creative path. I believe that singing is our birthright and that we are more happy as human beings when we let ourselves express through the power of music. My journey has taken me from performing for thousands of people all around the world, to studying hypnotherapy and sound healing, and to humbly sitting and sharing music in plant medicine ceremonies. My combination of experience, skill, and expertise is here to take you to your next creative levels!